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I speak to you like the chorus to the verse.

Listen to her scream.

24 November
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"such boundless pleasure
we've no time for later now
you can't wait your own arrival
20 seconds to comply"

"The thing you have to remember about artists is never to trust their immediate response. Whatever the news, their reaction will be self-protective. The mask goes on, and you only see what they let you see. These creatures carry their emotions around in a violin-case, reserving their only honest expression for the public stage. In private, they turn emotion on and off at will. Never believe an artist when he weeps or declares love. It's all a grand performance. Treat their upsets as you would a child's tantrums. Console, then instruct. Show compassion when it is called for, firmness when it runs out. Give them an illusion of your love for them-but never love itself, or they will devour you."
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